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  1. Look for alternatives to memberships; kids gyms vs free playgroups, library storytimes - Gold's Gym vs YMCA
  2. Swap childcare with friends
  3. Freecycle, Free-craigslist
  4. or used bookstores for books
  5. Borrow books, videos, puzzles, music… from the library
  6. Don't buy what you can borrow
  7. Trade and borrow kid toys
  8. Host a swapmeet
  9. Netflix
  10. Have friends take your "Professional" photos
  11. At home hair cuts
  12. Discount vision perscriptions
  13. Use cloth rags in place of paper towels, baby wipes and kleenex
  14. Avoid disposable
  15. Package your own individual sized snacks and foods
  16. Hand me downs!
  17. Watch for community events
  18. Garage sales
  19. Go to a junior college first
  20. Join a playgroup
  21. Summer free bowling for kids and free movies for families programs
  22. Make date night at home after kids are in bed
  23. Stay home/isolated during cough and cold seasons
  24. Teach your children to value money; have them earn in order to get which will also restrain you
  25. Sneak snacks into the movie theatre :D
  26. Keep a zip lock with sliced cheese, pepperoni and ritz crackers ready to grab and run
  27. UPromise
  28. Cloth diapers
  29. Breastfeed
  30. Make your own baby food
  31. Stock up on good sales; school supplies, great toy gifts
  32. Don't buy what you can make - homemade baby accessories; bows, clothes, covers, boutique dress up items, character accessories
  33. Split an entree with your child when eating out
  34. Sign up for samples! Someone can use them even if you can't - formula is expensive
  35. Re-Use: sew a shirt around into shorts, make brother's shirt into little sister's dress; as things shrink give them a new purpose
  36. Make your own party decorations and invitations. Theme Birthdays with something you can supplement from a recent holiday (closeout sale).
  37. Have a will. (Try to get it written for free.)

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