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  1. Celebrate a spending moratorium - challenge yourself to not spend for a weekend, a week or A MONTH! (You write the rules)
  2. Pay off credit card purchases each month
  3. Pay more than minimum if you can't pay off a bill
  4. Use a credit card with a good rebate program
  5. Look for alternatives to memberships; kids gyms vs free playgroups, library storytimes - Gold's Gym vs YMCA
  6. Create a budget to monitor your spending
  7. Freecycle, Free-craigslist
  8. or used bookstores for books
  9. Prioritize money for savings
  10. Consign your stuff (or garage sale)
  11. Don't buy what you can borrow
  12. Host a swapmeet
  13. Have friends take your "Professional" photos
  14. Give cash or very intentional gift cards to loved ones
  15. Adjust withholdings if receiving large tax returns
  16. Free tax preparation
  17. Make your own clothing soap, softeners and dryer sheets
  18. At home hair cuts
  19. Discount vision perscriptions
  20. Use cloth rags in place of paper towels and kleenex
  21. Use auto pay and avoid fees
  22. Pay ahead on mortgage
  23. Avoid disposable
  24. Apply for reimbursement (transportation, lodging, food)
  25. Automate your savings deposits
  26. Pay yourself first
  27. Budget a freedom fund for regular non-monthly expenses
  28. Have an emergency fund
  29. Have a replacement fund
  30. Decide to do something and do it; acting now on your retirement on a good idea is better than waiting and waiting for the best inspiration
  31. Have a monthly family meeting and talk about goals, money and schedules
  32. Go to a junior college first
  33. Bury raises directly into savings/investments
  34. Use your benefits; free legal on post will write your will, many schools have take home office software for teachers
  35. Keep yourself healthy to avoid healthcare costs
  36. Sell your stuff
  37. Get a fiscal accountability partner
  38. Make your own gifts; cookies in a jar, lotions, bath soaps
  39. Stay home/isolated during cough and cold seasons
  40. Have less and love what you have-resist spending/purchasing
  41. Have savings goals and complete them - then move on
  42. Write down your goals
  43. Buy a schredder or put everything on paperless to protect your accounts and credit
  44. Agree to personal allowances but do not allow skimming or borrowing
  45. Avoid malls and walmart like the plague - nothing good comes of it
  46. Write down your spending for a month - then be creative with what you can make or do for yourself; making granola bars, cutting hair - see what's there
  47. Live on less than one income; if you are a two income family stash away the entire 2nd check!
  48. Comparison shop online for everything; compare features AND prices
  49. Keep a Penny Ledger - some sort of written record of everything you spend
  50. Don't buy clothing you don't need
  51. Sign up for samples! Someone can use them even if you can't
  52. Invest money wisely. Who is more foolish - the cautious man sitting on his money so it doesn't go away or the risk taker who grew his money?
  53. Know yourself: be realistic about your abilities and your limits
  54. Save your tax return. Do you really need that hot tub?
  55. Reduce stress and exercise more - stay healthy
  56. Quit smoking
  57. Protect your stuff - tell the parents next door to supervise children around cars, join your HOA, lock your doors
  58. Ask for a deal with your credit card company - ask for a lower rate or for fee forgiveness. Look around for somewhere else before calling.
  59. Use only as much as you need. Shampoo is expensive - how much do you NEED to use. What else could you use less of to make it last longer?
  60. Get inspired - read magazines and blogs for ideas of how to save.
  61. Setup alerts on your financial accounts to make you aware of your major transactions and of fraudulent transactions.

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  1. LOVE #63... the same can be said for Laundry Soap. Even with crazy dirty kids clothes, I've learned JUST filling the lid to the first line (vs the top line like I used to do) STILL gets the clothes clean. I just let the water fill up a bit, THEN add the soap, making sure it make LOTS of bubbles, lol, then put in my clothes. By changing HOW I loaded the washer/soap amount, I KNOW we saved a ton last year.

    ~Kendra M.


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