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  1. Watch for free or cheap community events
  2. Garage sales, consignment shops/sales and thrift stores
  3. Invest in expandable entertainment; wii, computers, ds
  4. Have a monthly family meeting and talk about goals, money and schedules
  5. Get a Sunday paper for coupons (or sign up for coupon swap sites) plus printable coupons
  6. Listen to the radio instead of cds; or borrow cds from the library
  7. Buy name brand coffee for your coffee maker if you need to splurge
  8. Volunteer at a theatre for a free movie in return
  9. Summer free bowling for kids and free movies for families programs
  10. Learn to make a few of your favorite restaurant dishes
  11. Super supper and let's dish for entertainment, great food and reasonable take home
  12. Make date night at home after kids are in bed
  13. Communicate with family and friends so they can buy children's gifts that are valuable
  14. Sitter swap with friends with children
  15. Teach your children to value money; have them earn in order to get which will also restrain you
  16. Split entrees at restaraunts - with a friend or take half home for the next day
  17. Do not buy drinks when eating out - drink water
  18. Sneak snacks into the movie theatre :D
  19. Ditch cable and get Netflix (or similar products)
  20. Gardening is an edible hobby!
  21. Cancel magazines and view online
  22. Enjoy board games
  23. Be on the look out for a great "cheap date" - walk in the park, frisbee golfing,
  24. look for alternatives to memberships; kids gyms vs free playgroups, library storytimes - Gold's Gym vs YMCA
  25. or used bookstores for books
  26. Don't buy what you can borrow
  27. Ask for freebies and discounts - military, kids, senior, teacher, …
  28. Borrow books, videos, puzzles, music… from the library
  29. Get a season pass - if you'll use it
  30. Invest in a bike

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