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  1. Get a coffee maker - don't buy coffee
  2. Make dinners at home - as much from scratch as you are capable
  3. Make sure eating out is special; once a month or once a week
  4. Keep a substantial snack in your car for "just in case"
  5. Make double meals and freeze one for later
  6. Once a month cooking; one major grocery list, shopping, cooking and frozen dinners are waiting for you all month
  7. Shop with coupons
  8. Plan your menu around sales sheets
  9. Keep something quick in the freezer so you don't order out
  10. Buy from a wholesale club (Costco, BJs, SAMS)
  11. Make baby food
  12. Drink water not soda
  13. Get a filter pitcher and reusable bottles
  14. Eat less meat throughout the day
  15. Plan meals with smaller meat portions
  16. Try occasional vegetarian meals
  17. Keep small portion desserts in the freezer
  18. Immediately freeze any fresh produce you don't plan to use (if you buy bulk packages)
  19. Create a menu and shopping list to limit shopping trips and extra purchases
  20. Shop with a shopping list and don’t buy extra
  21. Plant herbs and vegetables
  22. Ask for freebies and discounts - military, kids, senior, teacher, …
  23. Use generics (often the same exact product)
  24. Watch for unit pricing! Sometimes the BIG jar is not the best deal!
  25. Split large packages of food with a friend
  26. Package your own individual sized snacks and foods-no vending machines!
  27. Package your meat from bulk into portion/meal packages
  28. Apply for assistance; utilities, wic, food stamps
  29. Take your lunch!
  30. Create a pricelist for watching for good deals on regularly purchased products
  31. Get a Sunday paper for coupons (or sign up for coupon swap sites) plus printable coupons
  32. Don't by 10 for $10 if you don't need 10. They really cost $1 each and you don't have to get 10.
  33. Watch sales sheets for good sales on items you use often
  34. Buy name brand coffee for your maker if you need to splurge - remember though, it's all just coffee
  35. Super supper and let's dish for entertainment, great food and reasonable take home
  36. Split entrees at restaraunts - with a friend or take half home for the next day
  37. Do not buy drinks when eating out - drink water
  38. Keep a zip lock with sliced cheese, pepperoni and ritz crackers ready to grab and run
  39. Don't grocery shop hungry
  40. Plant a fruit tree for fruit (long term)
  41. Use your food processor instead of buying labor+food; shredded cheese, chopped veggies
  42. Plant a garden
  43. Try the generic brand
  44. Get a raincheck even if you may not use it
  45. Know the coupon policy/rules for the stores you shop
  46. Take advantage of double coupons
  47. Bring your own bags - some stores will reward you for it
  48. Don't walk out of your house without a bottle of water and a snack
  49. If you HAVE to have something - buy it intelligently. Must have candy bar daily? Buy a bulk pack not individuals at the vending machine
  50. If you must eat out - eat out for lunch not supper or order off the dollar menu
  51. Complain - if something wasn't right - tell them. If it was really bad you may get something free out of it but management should know when things are affecting their service
  52. Every few months (or every month) make note of what's in your pantry and freezer and use everything up

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