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  1. Check your insurance coverages
  2. Skype instead of paying long distance
  3. Caulk and seal up your home - weatherproof anything you can touch
  4. Unplug what doesn't need to be draining power
  5. Reverse your ceiling fans for the proper season
  6. Close off unused rooms in your house
  7. Reduce your stuff and don't pay for storage
  8. Turn down water heater
  9. Stay on top of home maintenance
  10. Don't wash clothes using hot
  11. Run full loads of dishes and clothing
  12. Use your dishwasher
  13. Use a programmable thermostat
  14. Take short showers
  15. Open blinds for lighting
  16. Open windows for circulation
  17. Clean or replace hvac filters regularly
  18. Line dry or rack dry when possible
  19. Rent a room in your home (if it's legal in your community)
  20. Cancel your home phone if everyone has a cell phone
  21. Comparison shop for your regular subscriptions occasionally - better cell plans, cheaper insurance
  22. Apply for assistance; utilities, wic, food stamps
  23. Consider free internet options; wifi @ starbucks or library computers
  24. Turn the lights off when you leave a room - or install automatic lights
  25. Cfls
  26. Maintain your home so it maintains its value
  27. Autopay!
  28. Plant a shade tree to shade part of your house
  29. Water your lawn when it's cool enough to not evaporate
  30. Invest in drought tolerant grass that needs little water
  31. Replace shower heads with low flow and toilets with small tanks/low use
  32. Catch rain water for gardens
  33. Turn off water not being used while brushing teeth
  34. Use automatic lighting: nightlights only in the dark, motion sensored porch light instead of being left on
  35. Reuse your bath towel

Better to rent or buy a home calculator - amazing!

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  1. Being a new home owner, I really like this list. I officially purchased my house in January and I do many of these things. I only have my cell phone, utilize ceiling fans, I have even rented out a spare room to a friend to help cover some of my expenses. It's amazing what the little things around your house add up to!



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