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1. Save up to buy a car without financing
2. Carpool

3. Keep cars properly tuned to save gasoline

4. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and rotated regularly

5. Walk short distances instead of driving

6. Be a single car family

7. Use public transportation

8. Buy a used car and drive it into the ground

9. Plan your day or week in advance to group trips together to save miles

10. Avoid gas stations with gas tankers filling it up

11. Fill up before your last quarter of gasoline - avoid last minute gas emergencies and theoretical consumption calculations

12. Fill up in the morning when the ground is the coolest

13. Clean out unnecessary heavy items from your car

14. Turn in or apply for travel reimbursements

15. Celebrate a car free day each month

16. Enjoy a staycation and spend travel FUNds on the fun

17. Get quotes for auto insurance

18. If it's not worth it - don't carry collision

19. Ask for discounts on insurance

20. Carry multiple policies with the same company (if the price is right)

21. Browse for the best price per gallon

22. Make groceries pay you back by cashing in on gas rebates

23. Give yourself a driving zone; if you have to drive outside of "the zone" make sure you NEED to be going

24. Compile a list of things to be done and have an errand day

25. Avoid needless trips. If getting one item at a different store saves you 50 cents... what does the drive cost you?

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