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Keep the air flowing and clean - for less!

Now this is a multi-topic concept; energy, materials, environment and health. Most houses have central heating and air now days - I know - not all. Even if you are renting you are affected by your system. Anyone who pays for the electricity used by a heating/cooling system should be aware of their filter. If your filter gets full of muck - you will start paying more and getting a less healthy result as well.

What we discovered is our local Lowe's carries a resizable, washable filter. No matter what size space your return has, these can be adjusted properly. Now anytime you think about the filter you can pop it out and wash it - or have it on a once a month schedule that you're disciplined with. It is a one time monetary investment equal to 10 or so filters, depending on the varieties you purchase, but in the long run it pays off in so many ways.

Don't care for the idea? At least be sure to change your filter regularly to save energy costs and keep your system and family healthy. Anything we can do to Feed the Pig!

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