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Challenge yourself with affordable housing

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Now I know - most people aren't just eager to jump up and move - it's not fun. Consider with me though, what portion of our monthly spending goes to your housing payment and utilities. 25%, 50% maybe 75%? Do you live close to work? Are you paying a high price for that prime location? Where I grew up this was not a significant different but in a large metropolitan area living "in town" and 30 minutes away meant for us $1000 difference in our housing budget.

Is where you live small enough for you? If you have too much space it's very easy to spoil ourselves with lavish purchases; even if that means several electric applicances cluttering your kitchen counter or a huge space of a large living room taken up by the entertainment system. If you didn't have so much space to spare would you have bought the 6 piece sectional and matching loveseat and matching recliner? A smaller space encourages you to be smart. You also can save on your utilities if you play your cards right. A smaller space is easier to heat and cool, in theory, assuming it is constructed and insulated in a similar manner.

Obviously there are some things that everyone needs. Bedrooms, maybe 1 per child - maybe have them share. Must be in a safe neighborhood. Must have a yard... well, there are parks close by and then you wouldn't have to maintain a yard (or pay someone). Consider your needs and consider the value. If you must have 3 bedrooms because in 10 years you'd like to marry and have children, think about renting the spare rooms out and having roommates. Be sure of course it's cost effective AND LEGAL in your area.What could you do with $300 or $600 EVERY MONTH if you could shrink your housing expense?

Come on folks - let's FEED THE PIG!

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