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Date nights on the cheap

As a mom of 2 I know it's hard to get time for date nights - even harder to make space in the budget. There are LOTS of ways to make it cheaper.

When going out - split your entree and order an extra side. Meals are typically more calories than anyone needs and why pay extra to take leftovers home!

Order water! No you don't need to pay more for a glass of soda at a restaurant than you would for an entire 2 liter at the store.

Look for freebies - watch your paper for coupons to restaurants you like.

Outback special sneak - I know this will sound WEIRD - at the end of dinner (or mention at the beginning) that you would like another loaf of bread and some hot chocolate sauce. They give it to you for free and it's wonderful; almost a molten brownie... yum.

Learn to cook your favorite dish at home. There are lots of recipes online for mock dishes. If you can name what you want you can likely Google the recipe for it.

Got kids?

Sitter swap with another family with kids - you watch their kids this Friday so they can go out and they'll watch yours next Friday so you can go out. Free childcare and maybe even a fun sleepover for your kids.

If all else fails: plan a dinner for after the kids go to bed (or put them down early). Cook up your mock dinner and buy that 2 liter mentioned earlier. You could also order in or pickup at a restaurant. Just think - not paying a tip, cook, babysitter and no travel - so you can feed your pig.

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