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What's for Breakfast?

Ever find yourself in the morning so stretched for time that you skip breakfast all together? This can make for a very non-productive day as you suffer from morning hunger. Maybe McDonalds makes breakfast faster than you do. Do they really? Driving a little bit out of the way, waiting in the drive through can really eat up that saved time. How healthy is it? How much does it cost? Really - way too much!

Breakfast is essential. Eating healthy and regularly supports a good metabolism. Making your own food supports your checkbook too. It doesn't have to take forever either - consider cooking once a week or every other week and freezing individual breakfasts.

Try made ahead breakfast burritos or breakfast sandwiches:

Breakfast burritos
Preheat oven to 350. Forget about pan cooking omelets if you're cooking a lot.
Microwave 40 ounces of cored, seeded and chunked red bell, green bell and onion for 15 minutes; drain well. (Can also purchase chopped frozen bags - but still heat and drain)
In a blender, combine 12 eggs, 6 oz cheese (shredded cheddar), 40 ounces red bell/green bell/onion, 12 ounces crumble cooked turkey sausage. Puree until reasonably smooth and mixed.
Spray a 9 by 13 glass pan with non stick spray.
Pour mixture into pan.
Bake for 30-40 minutes or until center cuts with a knife and does not run. (ovens vary - please monitor)
Divide into 12 sections.
Scoop 1 section into each of 12 tortilla shells. I prefer flour but you can choose what you like.
Fold like a burrito - one third of tortilla toward middle, turn in sides, roll to the remaining end.
Wrap with plastic wrap and place the entire batch into a freezer sealable bag.
Breakfast burritos can easily be heated each morning for a fast, filling, supportive breakfast! I put 3 or 4 in the refrigerator to be more thawed when ready to heat. Unwrap burrito and place on microwave safe plate. Microwave for 1 minute and check, add an additional minute if they don't seem heated thoroughly.
Why 12? Because it cuts neatly and evenly in a 9 by 13 pan.
Nutrition: 2 meat servings, 1 dairy serving, 2 grain servings, 2 vegetable servings

Breakfast Sandwiches
Same concept as above. Puree vegetables and eggs together and bake in a 9 by 13 greased baking dish. Top with 6 oz of cheese in the last 5 minutes of baking.
Bake a batch of 12 biscuits.
Bake a 9 by 13 of homemade turkey sausage. I really mean just press the stuff evenly in a pan, bake 350 for 20 minutes or so then cut!
When everything is sliced and cooled moderately; cut or divide biscuits and stack as a sandwich (biscuit, egg, sausage, biscuit).
Place individual sandwiches in zip lock bags and refrigerate or freeze.
These can also be made with your favorite bacon.

Precooked Freezer Bacon
On a baking sheet (with edges), crumple a sheet of aluminum foil twice the length of the pan and form into the pan. Should have hills and valleys; resembling a mountain within the edges of your sheet.
Lay out your uncooked bacon on the aluminum foil. It should adopt the crinkles of the foil.
Place in cold oven on a middle rack.
After bacon is in, turn oven on to 400 degrees.
Cook for 20 minutes and monitor. Cooking time depends on desired crispness.
*If baking bacon for breakfast sandwiches - do not lay straight but fold into a triangle or square shape before baking.

Make ahead breakfast, ready to reheat and eat. Save time, money and calories by planning ahead! Now - FEED YOUR PIG!

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