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Play as a team

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Do your friends know you want to save money? I don't mean do they know you're broke or make $5 an hour - do they know you WANT to SAVE money? Let your friends into this part of your life. It is so important that money can't be a taboo topic.
When you share your dream, your friends can help you get there. Are you going out together for the evening? Knowing you want to save money, you and your friends can pick a cheaper restaraunt. Someone may also be willing to split an entree so both of you can save money. There are so many buy one, get one free coupons for meals and admission tickets - be on the look out for these where you like to go. Maybe your group can even plan ahead to carpool together to nights out. I'm not saying mooch - I'm saying make sure people know your goals AND you know theirs - likely you want the same thing in the end.

Build your team. The more people on your team, the more likely you'll succeed. In the past year, one of our grandmothers across the country started sending us coupons she wasn't using. Coupons should be seen as CASH! Thank you Mamaw for joining our team!

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