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Comparison shop online for everything; compare features AND prices.

There are several nice websites that can help you search for the best price on the version 472.3 Doohickey you're looking at buying. That's pretty easy once you let yourself do it. Picking between the 472.2 and the 472.3 Doohickey for different prices can be a bit harder. Then compare it to the version 572 Gadget and no one can blame you if you just grab one and go. It is important, though, to really sit down with a table of sorts to list the options available on each model. You also need to consider the options they may have that you don't need. If you are just fine with the earlier model that is cheaper because of the age and version, it's a real winner in the price category if it's what you need. It's easy to listen to those around us that can't help but tell us exactly what we need in our lives. What? You don't have a Smartphone? Your wife must really...   Shop for yourself, not for others.

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