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Delay major purchases to research and evaluate.

If you've ever seen an advertisement (and everyone has), you have probably been tempted to purchase something without being prepared.  Be sure to delay major purchases so that you can decide if it's something you need, research the product and company to be sure it's what it claims to be, and search to find the best price on the product. Anyone who gives you a limited time available to make a purchase is trying to get something past you. No one needs the purchase made right now unless the ship is in front of you and literally pulling away.

Find out what you can about all of your purchases. Check out Consumer Reports to find out what the world has thought of the product. Type in the product name and "complaint" into Google and see what comes up. Find a company website and see if it seems legitimate - do not do this by clicking on a link in a random email (be careful of virus opportunities). Check Amazon to see if it's available outside the company site. Use Google shopping to compare available pricing.

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