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Get deals and bonuses online.

Use coupon codes. Before I hit submit on most purchases, I do a search through Google to see if there are coupon codes available for that merchant. It could be free shipping if you enter FREESHIPPING or it might be 10% off by typing ILOVEMOMMY. You just have to look around to find what may be out there.

Product promotions. When shopping, be on the lookout for extra options. Consider that L'Oreal has a deal where you get a free product with the submission of five product codes. Connecting within a network can get you those product codes you need. Simply searching the key words online can get you exactly what you need. Diapers also have deals for when you submit product codes to earn you additional products.

Online partnerships. There are several partnerships that can be real assets when shopping online. Amazon has made available shopping portals where if you shop through a specific link a percentage of that purchase goes to the charity or school that provided you the link. Swagbucks or Ebates are other opportunities to cut online shopping costs. These websites give YOU rewards for shopping through their sites.

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