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Try not to think of the hourly pay you make when considering savings.

 The time invested is time you were not using for work otherwise so it's not the same number. So many people get hung up in the calculations of how much they are saving.
"That's a $0.50 coupon - that wasn't worth it." But if cutting that coupon took 15 seconds and using the coupon took 15 seconds, you are saving $1.00 per minute or $60 per hour. For time you are spending at home and not at work, $60 an hour is a pretty nice income. Don't compare this number to what you make hourly or doing overtime on a weekend since that's when you clipped this coupon. They are not comparable events. Every penny you can put back into your pocket is worth it.

Consider one dollar for a tube of caulk and an hour of your time to caulk and seal your windows. This may feel like a waste of time since you may get only pennies back this month on your electric bill. Think about it though; you weren't working on a job at the time you sealed the windows. Quickly, the pennies saved on the electric bill each month have paid for the materials. Immediately your home feels more comfortable, your HVAC will not suffer damage by trying to keep up with your comfort needs, and every penny after the materials are paid off is money 100% saved.

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