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Complain! But be curteous.

Recently I bought a full chicken to roast. I opened the package and - THERE WERE FEATHERS! Ok, so I called the company and they sent me gift checks for chicken and I plucked my own bird. I got a new bird the next week and again had feathers. This time they sent me a check for the entire cost. Basically giving them feedback on their product got me 2 free birds, which amounted to 8 dinners for the family! (Chicken enchiladas, chicken fajitas, chicken tortilla soup, and chicken, corn and potatoes.

Sometimes they aren't as nice as this but you should always be curteous. The lady remembered me the second time. I imagine if there is something major happening with a product they get a lot of calls and a lot of angry customers. Still CALL. Companies need feedback to know when something is going wrong or when you'd like something changed.

I reported a really crumbled box of cereal and they sent me coupons for 3 free.
I reported a wood chip in a bag of vegetables and they sent us coupons for 8 bags free.

However - do not lie. That's just not cool. Do what you can to feed your pig but not at the unfair cost of another.

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