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Practice Balance

Consider the word cheap? Then consider the word thrifty? Which one sounds smarter? If you take anything from this blog, remember we want to be thrifty not cheap. Cheap tends to not be worth what is put into it. Thrifty however is smart.

Repairs - do what you can but don't cause damage or cause your family to suffer something you can't handle.
Entertainment - cut costs where you can but don't limit your life to existing; enjoy it but be realistic.
Housing - don't live somewhere you can't sleep because it's unsafe; you also don't need a 3 bedroom house with acres to mow for a husband and wife.
Groceries - find ways to save and eat well, what you want to eat. Don't make it a full time job searching for coupons and sales and driving from store to store unless you enjoy that as a hobby as well. You have a family to enjoy and a life.

Decide what you enjoy in life and make sure you are still able to enjoy life. Whatever you choose to do to cut your budget, make sure it all makes sense as well as cents.

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