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Rich is a moving target

The destination rich is a moving target. "If I made just a little more money that would fix everything!" at least that's how we commonly feel. With $1000 in savings, $2000 looks like a lot a lot of money. At $100,000 in assets, $200,000 looks like a lot but not nearly as much as it does to the little guy. It's all a matter of perspective as to how much is a lot.  Bill Gates certainly has a different opinion than any of our families.

SAVE your raises. SAVE your tax refunds. DON'T USE irregular income casually. Try to tuck away all raises and do not increase your cost of living and way of life. If you can maintain your standard of living on your current income, each of those raises can bring you much faster to your goal.
When you learn you are getting a raise - immediately setup a direct transfer to move that money to your emergency fund if not fully funded. If you have 6 months expenses in liquid assets, then your retirement fund or freedom accounts come next. If it's not there looking longingly at you, asking to be spent, it'll be much easier to save! Automatic investing will save your future.

What are your goals? What are you saving for? What would you be willing to pass up Starbucks for? a vacation? A paid for Christmas? Write it down and work for it! Set your goals and make them super visual. Write a goals list and put it on your refrigerator. Make a dream board of pictures that you want to enjoy when retired. Don't drink your future away at StarbuckS, or file it away with manicures, or bet it away gambling. You control your future.

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