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Use your Crock-Pot!

 Imagine all the savings you get from this one device:
Use a Crock-Pot on busy days to make sure dinner is ready. Load it up the night before and stick it in your fridge - pop it in as you leave for work. No-fuss dinner and no need to eat out.
Restaurant style meals at a fraction of the cost. Two or three meals plus leftovers or lunches means no grab-and-go or meal worries.
Crock-Pot to avoid extra summer heat. By using a Crock-Pot during the summer months, you can avoid turning on your oven and further heating your house up, saving money on electric bills and providing comfort. Slow cookers seemed so old fashioned to me growing up but this is one AMAZING kitchen tool. You can load it in advance, fill it with two, three, or more family meals, AND it cooks cool so it doesn't heat up your house!!!
You can use lesser cuts of meat (also cheaper) but still get a wonderful dish.
You might be saying "that's nice and all but where do I get a good recipe?" Personally, I blog-stalk the Crock-Pot Lady because, well, she rocks!

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