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Buy from a wholesale club

 (Costco, BJs, Sam's Club). Become familiar with your major purchases, even designing a one-month menu to repeat every month; this can really help you to be able to buy bulk products at a wholesale club. If you only use one avocado a month, buy that at the grocery store (or farmer's market). Watch for things on your list that you use repetitively, such as bell peppers, which can be chopped and frozen. But don't overbuy just because it's there and "It's a good price. Right?"

Give all stores a chance. Some stores with a lesser appearance and more of a warehouse feel can be equal to big name stores. ALDI did not appear to be a store for our family. Eventually we went and were frustrated to have to search for a coin to use a shopping cart. ALDI turned out to be a very good investment of our grocery dollar after we learned what to expect. You insert a coin for a shopping buggy and when you return the buggy, the coin is returned. This helps them to keep costs low by not having to corral the carts. They sell limited brands that appear rather generic but the quality was almost always very satisfying. Their limited brands and under-marketed products are great for keeping the prices extremely low. Be ready though to bag your own stuff!

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