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Prepare breakfasts once a week to refrigerate or freeze.

 I know I'm really harping on breakfast, the poor thing. It does not need to suck the life out of your wallet or the time out of your morning, though! If you like Eggos, buy them. If you can do better, make them yourself and freeze them (just like an Eggo). Make muffins, pancakes, and all sorts of easy big preparation foods and freeze them. Keep them where your kids can serve themselves, too. You can make a casserole dish of eggs or farmer's casserole, bake it until it's finished, and then divide the food into separate servings. Breakfast burritos are super easy and you can customize your ingredients to your liking. Just wrap in plastic wrap and freeze in a gallon freezer bag. Then there is bacon. I'll make bacon its own tip.

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