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Bake your bacon!

Yep, I said bake your bacon. There are folks who pay top dollar for packages of a couple of sticks of crispy bacon, already cooked for them. They pay 10X what you pay for a pack of uncooked bacon! So here's the deal. Get out a jelly roll pan or a high edge cookie sheet, the edge here is necessary. Take some aluminum foil and cover the entire cookie sheet, making a bowl that will not leak onto the pan. If your foil is not wide enough, forget this step all together. Now take about 12 inches of foil and twist it into a snake. Get two more pieces so you have 3 snakes. These snakes are going to lie across your pan. Now take your bacon and drape it across your pan over the snakes. You can nudge the edges as much as you like to get nice hill and valley bacon.

Now place your nicely bacon-buried snakes in your COLD oven. Turn the oven up to 400 degrees and walk away. Come back in about 15 minutes to see if it's to your liking. If they are not crispy enough, leave them in longer. Personally I like my bacon soft and floppy but my husband and kids like theirs glass shattering crispy, so I take mine out early and keep theirs in for a bit longer. Then when you are finished you have one pan to clean BUT if you lined your pan with foil, carefully pour out the grease and you should be able to reveal a clean pan - NO DISHES!

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