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Buy a used car and drive it into the ground.

 Absolutely never ever buy a brand new car. Buy a car that has experienced its new car instant depreciation. Rental companies will even sell their rental cars at a point before they become too "old" to be fully appreciated. Small repairs are to be expected occasionally. The minor repairs of a good used car should not be anywhere near the expense and instant depreciation of a new car but be careful not to hold on to a dying car for too long.

If you are considering getting rid of your current used car, consider the tipping point of the decision. If the car is generally still in good shape, has a good frame and a good core engine and transmission, it will generally cost only minor maintenance until the tipping point. If this vehicle is required for work, responsible for a parent and children regularly, or absolutely indispensable, the decision is less based on the car and more on meeting the needs of your family.  If your resources allow, you can consider on the merit of the vehicle and your cost based calculations.

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