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Be on the lookout for a great "cheap date."

 What a great date that would be to walk in the park, go Frisbee golfing, walk through the art exhibit, take a hike, or a moonlit walk on the beach. These dates are all out there but going to dinner and a movie is frequently the option chosen. Be the cheap date and take your love for a picnic then a walk on a moonlit beach with a beautiful sunset. I'm sure she'll never say, "Honey, you're so cheap."
Athletic - Basketball or baseball with a league, bowling, Frisbee golf, swimming, bicycling, running;
Nature - walk through the woods, hiking, walking the beach, gardening together, paddleboats, geocaching, fishing;  
Artistic - take pictures of somewhere beautiful together, walk through a museum;
Musical - a serenade, a local singer, rent a musical, a school production or performance.

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