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Use a programmable thermostat.

Use a programmable thermostat. Have you heard of a programmable thermostat? These are amazing devices. Some let you set the temperature hour by hour for seven different days in two different modes, heat and cool. What this lets you do in the summer is cool your home down a bit first thing in the morning when you're going to be around the house getting ready - then let the temperature naturally rise a bit during the day while you're at work. Then set it to cool down to a REASONABLE temperature when you get home. Does it need to be that cool while you sleep? Probably not. Are you occasionally home unscheduled? That's fine too, there is typically a home button that will set your temperature to the schedule of a weekend instead of weekday for that reason.
Try changing your temperatures by one degree during both the day and night. Leave it in the new setting for a week and see if it's okay. Don't punish your family for a dollar by making it a miserable temperature - but what can you live with to Feed Your Pig?

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