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Set goals and dream.

Have you ever run a race without knowing where the finish line was? Have you ever shot a bow and arrow without some sort of target? We need goals to keep us directed where we want to be going, where we choose to go.
Let's say your goal is to pay your house off early. Now that sounds like a major thing to try to do. It may sound so intimidating that it's not accomplishable but paying it off 1 month before it's due is still paying it off early.
Let me give you a concrete example: Larry bought his house in 2007 for $100,000 at 7% for 30 years. He has paid nothing ahead as of right now. He will pay off his mortgage in 2037 and will have paid $239,508 for his home. WOW!!! $1000 extra this month (in 2011) would take 9 months off his loan and save him - get this - $5,000. I know - $1000 is a lot of money all at once. How about 20 bucks? $20 extra a month for the life of a loan would cut 32 months off the loan. It would be investing $6,500 to save $14,000 - just $20 a month! Would you REALLY miss $20?

So you're in Walmart. (Personally I think Walmarts should be required to only locate at least 45 minutes from any post office so that you have to drive forever and won't go there. They are a total black hole for your pocket book.) You enter Walmart to shop but you didn't plan ahead so you grab a burger and soda walking in, cost $5. On the way there too many options and you pick out some wonderful craft items that look cute.  You KNOW you will never use them - but they are adorable, cost $7. You pick up the milk and birthday gift you really came in for which costs $10. While walking across the store your child screams for a toy they must have. The toy costs $5but it's not that much, really. Right? At the checkout you pick up another soda and a magazine because, it was there for an additional $3. Right there is the $20 for your mortgage this month just by avoiding the extra spending you didn't need.

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