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Reduce beauty expenses

Choose low maintenance hairstyles for everyone. Long hair can be super low maintenance with no need for cutting. Super short simple styles for men can easily be done with a personal hair trimmer. These simple choices can save bundles.

Color at home. It's amazing what we can do if we just put our mind to it. Color is generally a very simple process and many are nearly fail proof. Have a friend come over and help if that makes it more comfortable the first time or every time.

Give up hair coloring and go natural.

Beauty school. If you can't do it yourself or just won't, consider finding a beauty school in your area that provides cheap cuts and styles.

Limit services at the salon. If you ask for the costs at the salon, you can pare down what you will pay. If you walk in with freshly washed wet hair, they can do the cut without having to wash it to avoid being charged for the wash. You can also walk out without the dry and style as well.

Limit/Quit using makeup or use off brands.

Give up manicures. Girls like to look pretty but there are more and more options that can make it easier, quicker, less expensive, and longer lasting.  Some versions of press and stick nails are super long enduring and absolutely gorgeous. 

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