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Click the topics above to view a complete list of tips for that category! to track your spending! is a wonderful resource and FREE. If you already have electronic accounts, it's super simple to pull in your data into their system and categorize your purchases. This will give you a start to knowing what you've been spending on what and then can begin creating a draft budget. After you've figured out where your monetary leaks are in specific categories,  you can make challenges for yourself to plug those leaks.
Mint lets you track categories and emails you when you've reached the limits that you've set. It also lets you create goals and track your savings goal progress. Having an eye on your money can be very difficult and intimidating but with technology at your fingertips you can make it much simpler and less stressful!

Celebrate a spending moratorium: challenge yourself to not spend for a weekend, a week or A MONTH! You write the rules.

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