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Make visual goal reminders

 (can even put a progress bar on it!) - Imagine if your debit card had a picture of your savings goal on it: your house with the words "paid in full" or a picture of your baby posed with a college diploma and graduation cap. At the register you can put back or hand back anything you don't want. Look at your loot and choose to save for your goals. Post a picture of the house paid in full - on your door so you see it as you leave. Maybe it will remind you to go back and grab a piece of fruit and a travel mug full of water. As you start paying it off early, find a way to keep track of your progress - a calendar maybe for 2037 that you can cross the months off - as you pay early. An outline of a house that you can color as a goals thermometer type picture.
You can also reverse the concept and pigeonhole the money for a future purpose. Consider keeping on paying your car payment into a savings account (or better - a mutual fund) after yours is paid off to pay for your next car in cash.

Keep yourself motivated. Keep yourself inspired. Keep moving forward and FEED THAT PIG!

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