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Give yourself a driving zone

Give yourself a driving zone  and if you have to drive outside of "the zone" make sure you NEED to be going. If you don't need to drive - don't. If you must, plan your trip carefully to be sure you only drive as far as you need. I would suggest you consider a "driving zone." Look at your regular everyday activities on a map and consider what might be your reasonable region. Then anything you need/want to do outside of that region - THINK about it before getting in the car!
It's amazing how different life is living in Washington, D.C., compared to western Kansas. Some of the tips I discuss are going to be complete common sense to many people reading them - while other people may think they are radical concepts and nonsense! Where I grew up "the big town" was about an hour away; that's also where the Walmart was. You didn't just jump in your car and go to Walmart because you needed something; you planned, made a list, asked friends if they needed something or wanted to go, and made a BIG trip out of going to Hays (the big town). At least my family and friends did. Shopping and restaurants are 10-15 minutes away, which is pretty reasonable but driving further than that is VERY common.

Hubby for instance drives an hour both ways for work! That's a lot of money and a lot of time. (We save A LOT on housing expenses because of this however.) From the north to the south, the town we live in right now is about 30 minutes long. Our playgroup has mommies on all edges and in adjoining towns. Is it more than a 10 minute drive? Do I really want/need to go? Is there another way I can get there or something else to do today? I can go by the mechanic's shop and  also pick up a few groceries afterwards - good idea! Makes the cost of all that gas more worth it!

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