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Freezer meals - double duty.

This sounds really weird but stay with me here, this can be done a variety of ways. One option is to make doubled meals and freeze one for later. If you are making a lasagna, is it much more work to make a second right next to it to toss in the freezer for next week sometime? Make two lasagnas side by side. The one you are going to keep you should double line the pan with aluminum foil. Instead of baking the second, place the entire pan in the freezer. Once the meal is frozen solid, lift the edges of the foil and remove the meal from the pan. Now finish covering the lasagna with foil and wrap again with plastic wrap if you expect to wait more than 10 days before eating it. When the day comes to eat, place the lasagna back in its pan and set in your fridge during the day to let it thaw before cooking in the evening.

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