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Find an affordable college.

Really, you can find much more affordable colleges than the big names that are out there. Some people say it matters a lot but if you can graduate without any student loans, that's a big difference, too.
Check out Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas. The town is fantastic but they also have a virtual college that allows you to live where you are. The University, though, is one of the most affordable in the country but their programs are getting top rankings at the same time. (Specifically their Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education Programs in 2014).

Another great option for an affordable online school is Western Governor's University. This school is also one of the most affordable in the country with programs earning top marks. I was really impressed with the master's program I completed. The total cost of my master's degree was $2,500 and it only took me seven months. The school is amazing because there are minimal requirements you must complete for the courses. What you do is work and study to complete the comprehensive exam or performance assessment. The idea is that you are coming in with all this knowledge so the program allows you to not just test out of but prove your competency in the required set of skills for almost every class.

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