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Don't buy coffee out!

Get a coffee maker and have a cup or two at home before leaving for your daily errands or job commute.

Don’t brew more than you will use. Some people like to brew a whole pot and refrigerate the left-over coffee to reheat the next day, but you may prefer your coffee fresh-brewed. One-cup-at-a-time brewers such as Keurig are great for one-coffee-drinker households or those who only drink one or two cups.

Freeze it. Put your leftover coffee in ice cube trays to add to your coffee and not dilute the wonderful flavor. You can also use these cubes for blended iced coffee drinks.

DIY refills. You can stretch your budget by purchasing a refillable pod so you can use store-bought coffee instead of the more expensive packages of single-serve pods. Nothing kills a food budget like coffee you could make at home.

Grind at home. Compare the cost of whole coffee beans to ground coffee you find on the grocery shelves. You can grind the beans in the store or, if you enjoy fresh-ground coffee, check into the cost of a grinder for home.

Machine upgrades. If you like fancy coffees, consider whether it is worthwhile to invest in a cappuccino or espresso machine. A one-time investment in any of these specialty coffee machines could save you thousands a year.

 Don't use this suggestion as an excuse, only make this purchase if it will SAVE money in the end. And only you know what you spend.

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