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Coupons? Where do you get them?

Coupons: Get a Sunday paper for coupons (or sign up for coupon swap sites) plus printable coupons. Coupons are amazing. Use them if you like or don't but there are places to get them if you don't regularly see coupons.

Local newspaper coupons and weekly mail savings flyers are great places to start. We subscribed to our big local newspaper which generally had at least two full packets of coupons inside, sometimes three! Other options are:

Printable coupons can be found all over the web. Be careful to select legitimate sites to avoid infecting your computer with viruses by downloading, though.

Coupon swap sites can really help you build coupons up that you use regularly. Our family eats a lot of precooked turkey sausage and I was able to swap a stack of diaper coupons for a stack of these sausage coupons, resulting in a win-win for both families.

Coupon clipper sites and eBay also give access to coupons. According to all the rules, you are technically paying someone to clip and send coupons to you and are not paying for coupons. Some major coupon clippers get 20-30+ papers for their specific area and can easily provide you with stacks of 10 or 25 of specific coupons that you may use multiple per week. Doing the math, this made a lot of sense for us when we saw a really good dollar off coupon. We were able to go online and find someone providing this specific coupon for 10 cents labor per coupon. Ninety cents per coupon that we used four a week - that was a good plan, $3.60 per week every week!

Store rewards cards enable shoppers to purchase select items at a specially discounted price in many places. Often they can also be loaded with electronic coupons from the grocery chain’s web site for additional savings. As an added bonus, grocery stores with fuel stations may also offer discounts on gasoline price per gallon based on grocery purchase points.

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