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Cloth diapers!

Got babies? Then you know how expensive disposable diapers are! I LOOOOOVED our cloth diapers.
When I brought my first baby home, I joined a mommy group and someone mentioned these diapers. Bum Genius One Size diapers. They are super absorbent, have a plastic layer to stop leaks, and resize from birth to potty training! Plus if you have additional children you can keep using them.
Real costs: New 4.0 versions will cost $18 per diaper. You can get them on sale "buy five get one free" or you can buy "seconds" which have a cosmetic flaw and have been returned but are less expensive. There are also cheaper repairables for those who are needle-inclined. So for a set of 12 you have an investment of $216 or less. You can buy more and will have less stress over when to wash but they should be washed every other day.
So $216 for diapers plus $122 for cleaning is about $338 for using one size cloth diapers and washing them yourself. cites the cost of disposables full time as $2577. $2000 in two years for basically doing your own laundry and not piling up the landfill. No brainer.

Cloth Rocks - so feed your pig!

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