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Budget a freedom fund for regular non-monthly expenses.

 I love the name "Freedom Fund" by author Mary Hunt ( What is it you ask, well it's setting up a special account to make monthly payments into your savings for things you don't pay for monthly. If you pay $600 every six months for car insurance, then make a $100 deposit into savings every month. Then when the bill comes you have the money there waiting for you. It's the freedom to not have to worry about those big bills that come. You can preplan for purchases like replacing tires. This Freedom Fund is your chance to make a readily available pot for those stressful payments and purchases. You may be thinking - hey but that's an emergency fund. Is your car insurance an emergency? Did you know your insurance would be coming due? Then THAT is NOT an emergency. Your emergency fund should be a separate amount, maybe in a different account and it should be protected as much as possible from inappropriate expenses that you should have known were coming.

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